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Santa Clara April 22-25, 2003 Proposals are due December 13, 2002

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Biological Models of Computing Despite the messiness inherent in natural systems, evolution has produced "machines of extreme perfection," to use Darwin's felicitous phrase. As our technological systems become more complex and planning for all cases becomes impossible, what can we learn from the biological world? In particular, what can we learn from the design of both organisms and systems that can adapt to a wide and unpredictable range of signals without collapsing?

The Biological Models of Computing track investigates work in any sort of evolutionary computing (genetic algorithms, neural networks, cellular automata); systems that self-tune in response to their environment (immune system models for security; swarm intelligence); and systems that use biological materials as computational tools (DNA computing).

Title: Organizational Sensitivity in Reconfigurable Hardware

Duration: 45 minutes

Audience Level: General

Audience Type: Biologists, Computer Scientists, Experimentalists

Abstract: (250 words)

Brief Description: (50 words)

Comments: Rael Dornfest (O'Reilly) has seen the system and suggested I speak in the Biological Models of Computing track.


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